Saturday, July 11, 2009

TV DVD Series 4 Sale - All items NEW

All DVD sets are completely new. I bought them, unwrapped, stored away and have never watched them. I really need the space, so take a look and if you see something you like then let me know. Shipping isn't included because they are going to be heavy to ship. So I will email you two invoices from paypal. The first one for the dvds you want and a 2nd invoice for the shipping after I've shipped it.

Everwood S.1 - $15.00

Desperate Housewives S.1 - $25.00

Desperate Houseweives S.2 - $25.00

Fat Actress S.1 - $10.00

Popular S.1 - $25.00

24 S.1 - $25.00

24 S.2 - $25.00

24 S.3 - $25.00

24 S.4 - $25.00

24 S.5 - $25.00

Sopranos S.1 - $25.00

7th Heaven S.1 - $20.00

7th Heaven S.2 - $20.00

7th Heaven S.3 - $20.00

Eureka S.1 - $23.00

Psych S.1 - $25.00

Wildfire S.1 - $15.00

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brand New Makeup Sale - updated!

Okay so I've realized that I have too much makeup that I don't use, therefore I am going to be selling some of it. They are products that I've bought, stored and forgotten about, so here it is. All for you peeps. If you are interested please let me know what items and send me your email so I can send you an invoice using PAYPAL.

Shipping & Handling is included in all products for US Deliveries. For international I will have to check what the difference would be at the post office. But don't let that scare you away, shop away. :o)

Pop Beauty

Eye Class, Blue Eyes - $15.00 (shipping included)

Smokey Rose Wallet - $20.00 (shipping included)

Sugar Cosmetics
Best Friend's Palette - $20.00 (shipping included)

I Dream of Sugar Palette - $20.00(shipping included)

Round the clock palette - $18.00(shipping included)

Too Faced Cosmetics

Status Glosses - $13.00 ea.(shipping included)

Private Jet

NYX Cosmetics Jar Concealers - $4.00 ea. (shipping included)



NYX Round Lipsticks - $3.00 (shipping included)

Thalia #529 - pending

Cocoa #558

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss - $5.00 ea. (shipping included)

Rose Sparkle

Beige Sparkle

Pink Sparkle

NYX Single Eye Shadows - $3.00 ea. (shipping included)


NYX Individual Lashes - $3.00 ea. (shipping included)
#138 Flare Medium Black

#139 Flare Long Black

#137 Flare Short Black

L'Oreal HIP Sticks - $6.00 for set

Santee cosmetics
Eyeshadow & cheek dusts - $5.00 for set

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

Liquid Glass Lip Glosses - $3.00 ea. (shipping included)

Idyllic Beige

Bullseye Eyeshadows - $3.00 ea. (shipping included)

Lime Lights

Sea Mistique

Enchanted Garden

Color My World Baked Eyeshadows - $5.00 ea. (shipping included)

Still available:
Volcanic - pink e/s
Evergreen - green e/s

E.L.F. Lip quad - $5.00 (s&h included)

E.L.F. Colored Liquid Liners - $3.00 for set (excluding black and midnight)

L.A. Colors single e/s - $3.00 for set

L.A.Colors Mineral Eyeshadows - $13.00 for set

City Vibe Cosmetics e/s - $6.00 for set

Wet and Wild
Colored Liquid Liners - $5.00 for set

Wild and Crazy cosmetics e/s - $12.00 for set

Avon Colorblend Liquid Liners - $6.00 for set

Avon single e/s - $3.00 ea.


Mineral e/s in breeze - $3.00

Kissy Wear Cosmetics e/s - $7.00 for set

Rimmel London Duo Eyeshadow
Colour Rush - $3.50 (shipping included)


Color Appeal Trio Pro
Blue Eyes Milla Jovavich $ 6.00 (shipping included)

Sonia Kashuk
Lip Glossing Pencil - $5.00 (shipping included)

Mary-Kate & Ashley
Eye shadow Trio - $3.00 ea. (shipping included)

L.A. Colors Moisturizing Lipgloss - $2.00 ea. (shipping included)

blushing pink

rose petals

blazing violet

beige delight

Alba Botanica
TerraGloss Shimmering Natural Color - Sienna $5.00 (shipping included)


Beyond Natural Cream Lipgloss - $5.00 ea.(shipping included)


Revlon Age Defying Instant Firming Face Primer - $7.00 (shipping included)

Boots No.7 Metallic Eyeliner - $3.00 ea. (shipping included)
- silver
- gold bronze
- beige pearl


Powder-matic Go Anywhere Loose Powder - Ivory Nude $7.00 (shipping included)

face xpert flawless touch makeup - Ivory $7.00 (shipping included)

2 oz. Repairing Solution (Reg.Formula) - $13.00 (shipping included)

More items will be added in future.